Pondering Boundaries

Intrinsically, there is nothing wrong with being seen, or seeing others without clothing. It is nude, which is a natural state. I must sometimes remind myself that it is the others that find it wrong. It is the others whose reaction to this nude body defines it to be other than what it actually is. It is the others, who put context onto it, feel fear, feel lust, see sex, project false intents, or want to use it for their own purposes. It is not their body, nor their business. It is my body, my personal space, my identity, my God given vehicle.

What someone projects is not the fact. The body is simply a physical entity.
This body doesn’t belong to anyone else, unless I give it, or it is stolen. And it is stolen. It is taken from me and then required to be dressed, to sit and walk in particular ways and in particular places.
The body isn’t the difficulty, it is the modern beholder. It is allowing oneself to be ruled by what others think, that robs us of autonomy. How much more personal could a body be? Yet someone imposes themselves between body and self.

I have a right, a sole right to choose, as long as there is no harm to others. There is no authority that can legitimately claim the right to my body over my own ownership. This body was given to me.
There is nothing whatsoever wrong, or dangerous with being seen in this body. Sure, there could be compromises, but still these are justly my choices to make.

I have been treated like this for so long that I often forget who is supposed to have dominion over this flesh. It is like a freed slave still performing …

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