How to Plan a Naturist Road Trip through Europe

Europe is a paradise for naturist vacations. When we look at NUDE, for example, we notice that the large majority of nude vacation destinations can be found in Europe. In fact, even in just the south-western part of Europe. The continent has much more to offer to its visitors than just an abundance of naturist resorts and nude beaches. Within relatively short distances you can find yourself indulged by amazing art and culture, standing in awe in front of magnificent architecture and exploring splendid nature. In short, Europe is an excellent destination for a naturist road trip.

Determining your nude road trip itinerary
We’ll start straight away with the most difficult part of planning your naturist road trip: Which places would you like to visit? You will need to make a selection. Back in 2019, we did an epic nude European road trip for more than 3.5 months and probably visited less than 5% of all naturist places, so covering them all is just not an option.

One question you want to ask yourself before you start planning is where you want to put the focus of this trip.Do you want to explore Europe and occasionally stay at a naturist place? …

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