21 Nude Festivals and Nudist Events in 2020

For a long time, the top nude event of the year was some kind of petanque or volleyball tournament, organized in the local naturist club. Members only. We can imagine that it was a lot of fun, having the whole club together for a day or maybe two, engaging in a communal nude activity. On the other hand, those nudist events didn’t seem much different than any given Sunday at the club.

During the last years, nude events have broken out of their original settings. British Naturism was among the first to realize how cool a nudist event could be on a national level and several other naturist federations quickly followed. Today, in many cases we can hardly still talk about a nudist event, but rather of a nude festival. Nudists from all over the country and often even from all over the world gather for a couple of days of great activities, music and social nudity.

With more and more nudist events and festivals being organized all over the world, it becomes harder for bloggers like ourselves to list them all. Which is something we can’t be more happy about. Nude festivals are conquering the world! If …

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