Normalising Nudism

You don’t have to be naked to normalize it
You may have heard of it. Or seen it online as #NormalisingNudism.
And yes, the British s in Normalising pops up everywhere.
A great naturist/nudist friend of mine,Nevada Motojicho, wrote: “You don’t always have to be naked to normalize it.” (Follow the link to find him on MeWe or look for him on Twitter.)
That struck a chord with me that sparked this post. Because he is right.

Traditionally nudists flock with birds that have the same lack of feathers, in this instance: clothes. That’s how they feel most at home and natural. The fewer restrictions for the body, the more nudist they are. Check.
But… statistically, as far as I know, the majority of people in this world are not nudists but textilists. They’re the human species that do not come close to nude beaches and such venues because, well, there’s a lack of textile there. Figures, right?

So, take your average group of people.
Like on the left.
All happy and… dressed. Poor souls. We all know that.
What better setting than this to start educating?
No, this doesn’t mean you …

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