Nomadic Nudists guide to gawkers, lurkers and creeps.

Photo by noriko natsume from FreeImages
Popular naturists places, like clothing optional beaches and skinny-dipping rivers, sometimes attract a creature who only wants to leer at naked people. These creatures are humans (or at least look like humans) and they are easy to spot in spite of their attempts to blend in. That’s because they are clothed and staring at the naked people.
Now if you’re one of these creatures, stop right here because the rest of this post may hurt your feelings. Also, stop acting like a moron when you see naked people. Be respectful and not a perv. Maybe even take off your clothes and be social.
This article is a field guide for amateur naturists who want to be more knowledgeable about the creatures that inhabit their surroundings. For simplicity I’ll use the pronoun “he” when describing these people because, let’s face it, they’re all dudes.
Now I do not mean to imply that all single guys are like this. In fact, most single male nudists we’ve met are respectful, sociable and behave themselves. Which can’t always be said about some of the married males. Too often, single men are …

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