New Year, Nude You

I like making new year’s resolutions.
I think it’s really important for everyone to take time, every once in a while, to take stock of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go. The new year might be an arbitrary time to do this, but it’s as good a time as any.
One of the most important things for me to take stock of is my writing. It’s easy to lose focus on any artistic endeavour, because the world doesn’t much care to make room for your creativity. You have to carve out time and space for it yourself, and you’re probably the only one who will.
So at the new year, I usually take stock of what I’ve completed in the last year, and look forward to the next. This year, I made headway on a few fronts:
I started this blog, and I’ve been blogging regularly
I made my book available in print, and on a number of different ebook platforms
I significantly increased my twitter reach, finally topping 2,500 followers
However, my top objective was to finish, or at least make significant headway on, my …

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