5 Naturist YouTube Channels You Really want to Follow in 2020

Remember the times when the magazines and websites of naturist federations were the only available source of information about naturism? On one hand it did make things pretty easy. Whatever they said, was the one and only truth. Their definitions, rules, and etiquette defined naturism. Period. Of course, not every naturist had the same opinion, but there wasn’t really a platform available to share other visions about naturism.

This was one of the main reasons why we started Naked Wanderings, back in the day. We enjoyed naturism, but our ideas definitely weren’t always conformed with the often boring and patronizing information that we found online at the time. The internet provided us with an easy and cheap way to spread our own thoughts and visions. Several others would do the same. Only recently, we’ve published a blog post with the naturist blogs that we think you should follow in 2020.

Also on other online platforms, the word about naturism becomes louder and louder. There are lots of social media communities (some better than others), there are a couple of podcasts and recently also naturist video is starting to grow. Here are some naturist YouTube channels which are definitely …

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