Musings about the Terminology of Social Nudity

We got into a discussion the other day because we had decided to add The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society to our list of promising nudists blogs for 2020. The other party was correct. This blog has very little to do with nudism or naturism. They don’t talk about nudism or the different aspects of it. They don’t talk about naturist resorts or nude beaches. There is a huge case of gender-inequality. Basically, it’s just a group of women who get nude or topless together. Although their blog is largely non-sexual, in one of their latest posts they do talk about the erotic side of nudity and even about orgies.

Everyone who has just read this first paragraph will agree with our friend that this blog has nothing to do with nudism at all and that we’ve made a mistake adding them to our list. Then the question arises: “if they’re not a nudist blog, then what are they?”.We can’t say that it’s a sexual blog because 95% of their posts are non-sexual.It’s has nothing to do with swinging either.A feminist or female-liberation blog might be an option, but …

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