Mapped out: The many clothing-optional adventures of our 2018-2019 travels.

Our 2018 travel route.
Last fall we wrapped up a 16-month nomadic journey that took in several clothing-optional RV resorts and naturist places. We had many adventures along the way. Now that we’re in a new year, it’s a good time to recap where we’ve gone, considering we have no idea where we’re going.
Heading east in 2018.
At the end of May, 2018, we hitched our car to our motorhome, which we call The Toaster, and left our winter basecamp at Shangri La Ranch in Arizona. After many adventures, we arrived at Oaklake Trails Naturist Park in Oklahoma. Oaklake Trails, or OLT, is located right off the historic Route 66 about half way between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, an area of farms, rolling oak-covered hills, small towns and, well, that’s about it.
We had stayed there in 2017 and still had some time left on our membership, so we parked for a month under the tall oaks on this sprawling property. The buildings, the RV park, the pools, the clubhouse and the member-owned homes all cluster on a hilltop surrounded by acres and acres of woods. Those woods are laced with wide trails which — listen carefully — you can walk …

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