How to Take Your Winter Clothes Off

Winter is, as they say, coming.
For many nudists, that means earlier nightfall and a break from the stultifying heat of summer sunshine. Residents of the many nudist resorts and communities in Florida, California, Texas, Spain, and other warm areas might be looking forward to a bit of temperate weather.
As a Canadian nudist, though, the rapidly advancing autumn chill brings with it dread for the coming ice and snow. (It’s also a time for lamenting the missed opportunities to be nude in the past summer.)
So what are we snowbound Canucks, iced-in Minnesotans, and frozen New York nudists to do? Is the only strategy to light a fire, turn up the heat, and hibernate until the last frost melts?
Luckily, no. Here are some tips to being a winter nudist.
Covered Isn’t Necessarily Clothed
The thing nudists tend to miss most when they’re clothed is the feeling of freedom that being nude can bring us. But clothes aren’t the only covering you can take advantage of.
You’ll tend to be coldest when you’re sitting still – working on your laptop or lounging in front of the TV, for example. If your house is cold or drafty, this is when …

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