Getting Ready for Your First Naturist Experience

Maybe you’ve been following this blog for a while. Or maybe you’ve just read something about naturism in a magazine or you saw a TV program about this naked lifestyle. In any case, your imagination got tickled. Questions start buzzing through your head. How would things be if you wouldn’t be wearing any clothes? Would you be able to get closer to nature without these artificial textile boundaries? Is it really true that humans can spend time together completely naked without indulging in some kind of orgy? How would you look if your body was fully tanned from tip to toe? Will you be able to conquer those doubts about your body by completely giving yourself over to vulnerability?

It doesn’t really matter which reason for giving naturism a try took the overhand in your case. All that matters is that you’re ready to take the plunge, ready to get out of your comfort zone. Ready to get butt naked among other naked people.

But how do I start with naturism?
How it feels to be without clothes is something you can easily try at home. Instead of covering up the second you walk out …

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