Free range humans.

For me, being naked is soooo much about freedom. The freedom to be myself without feeling I need to live up to any expectations. The liberation of being safe and comfortable to bear all without receiving any negativity. The freedom to off load any of my worries and stresses and just enjoy the moment. With this book I hope to guide people to the places where they can feel this freedom. The places where there’s no-one else around so that they can off load their worries and reservations and be fully themselves. When there is no-one else to judge, criticise or take advantage we can be set free by our nudity. In a world where naked bodies are so often sexualised, it is so liberating to take the power back and enjoy your own body for what it is in a purely natural, non-sexual way.
Cartwheel practiceThese places we are finding have no rules and no pressures, because there’s no-one else there. They are places where people can be naked and completely carefree, where people can be confident about themselves and their bodies even if they aren’t in their everyday life. Because there is no-one else there …

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