Fossil Creek: Matzatzal

We are camping in the designated campground of the Verde Hot Springs. We have a parking pass for Matzatzal, a designated spot along Fossil Creek. We’ll have the serenity of a clear mountain stream. The spot should be all to ourselves and no intrusions expected.

We awaken to the gobble of a turkey in the morning….

The sky has cleared nicely and we find ourselves in a pleasant morning temperature and clean air. I still am spending much of my time in the tent with a headache, nursing the persistence of last week’s illness. DF is out and about enjoying a naturally nude morning, taking a stroll.

I’m still dressed in last night’s clothes, worn with a slight fever. DF happens to have put on a sundress when a new camper stops by looking for directions to the springs. He acts invigorated, “I’ve heard so much about the place.”
He has on a t-shirt that says, “What we need is to be a little more Hippie.” There seems to be a mystique, or romance with the old hippie thing. The hot springs are definitely a hippie legacy. It gets me to thinking about these “hippie” values. I think back to the lessons of Woodstock and the myth of the coming Woodstock Nation. Cooperation, looking out for each other, peace before war, love and care of our fellows, and freedoms of choice come to mind. It all sounds like values that we could all use these days in a world ruled much like the era before that generation.
Finally, with patience, I’m strong enough to get into the SUV and tackle that horrible road that we lumbered down to get here. The entire day should have no need for any clothing.
The road …

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