Fossil Creek: Exploring the Sites

We are camped next to the Verde River, about a mile’s walk from the Verde Hot Springs. Today, we have a parking pass for a spot on Fossil Creek, which is up the hill on our way home. We plan to explore the entire Fossil Creek area as best that we can and then take our spot and enjoy the blue green waters. Yesterday’s foray downstream at Matzatzal was beautiful, so we expect more wonderment.

It is morning. There is a clarity in the air. The morning dew has crystallized every surface. The white catches the sunlight and refracts color like diamonds glow. The temperature is good, no bodily covering required.

Today, we have a parking pass for Tonto Shelf in Fossil Creek. The plan is to explore each parking lot and its corresponding area individually, before we settle into where our pass regulates us. Maybe next time, when we sign up online, we’ll know which is most appealing and provides the best solitude as naturist.

But for the neighbors, which we don’t really know, we are free and fascinated with this place in the Verde River valley. When we returned the day before, a boxy fluorescent green car with odd windows was parked next to a tent, which was color coordinated with the same fluorescent green accents. When I pulled up to our tent, I realized that I would have to reposition the truck for privacy. Since we don’t know these neighbors and there are state laws being enforced with signage in concern of nudity, we have to not be “reckless” with our exposure.
Upon our return yesterday, I walked around the rear of the truck’s tailgate next to DF. I saw the woman, who sat in a folding chair, with …

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