Florida naked winter part 2: Relaxing in the garden of Eden.

As a serious nomadic nudist journalist, I often do serious online research. Very serious. Like one time I watched videos of people tipping over their golf carts for at least a half hour.
So I was doing some serious research for a NUSA Sun column when I came across an article about a postal worker who refused to deliver mail packages to a nudist resort. (I had probably googled “What would happen if you walked into a post office naked?” or “Naked postal worker videos” or some other serious journalistic query.)
Anyhoo, the nudist resort that so offended this postal worker happened to be Eden RV Resort (formerly Gulf Coast Nudist Resort) in Hudson, Florida; the same place we had made reservations to spend four months during our Florida naked winter.

We had made the reservations well in advance because those nudist RV parks in Florida fill up fast for the winter. But reading this article, I was concerned: We have our mail forwarded from Tucson every few weeks. Would we be able to get our mail at Eden? Or would we have to go stand in line at the post office with a gazillion snowbirds, receiving our package with …

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