Florida naked winter part 1: Partying in Pasco County.

After a long drive last October I was stepping up into our RV, The Toaster, when I felt something slap against my naked butt. It was a small, whitish glob. A frog.
The frog clung to me for a moment, then leaped onto the doorway like he was ready to party. I caught him and let him go outside in the humid night.
“Not tonight buddy,” I told him. “As much as I’m into inter-species partying, I’m tired. And besides, what will the neighbors say?”
Let’s see: I’m naked, it’s humid and there’s frog on my ass who wants to party. We must be in Florida.

Anchoring at Riverboat.
Our 2018 nomadic journey started almost five months earlier in Arizona. All summer we meandered northeast, up to Maine, and then down the east coast. We were exploring and killing time because ultimately we wanted to winter over in Florida, just like good little snowbirds.
We had reservations at two nudist resorts: Eden RV Park in Hudson, and Sunnier Palms Nudist Park in Fort Pierce. But we were ahead of schedule so we first stopped at Riverboat Nudist Club, home of the partying frog.
Riverboat is …

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