First time at a nudist resort? Here are some FAQs.

OK, so you’ve decided to take that heart-pounding step and visit a nudist resort for the first time. Congratulations! You’ve now joined a contented group of humans who have to explain to their doctor why they have no tan lines. You’ll be part of an elite cadre who often forget to put on pants — or at least a muumuu — to go walk the dog.
You may have questions as you prepare for this important step on your journey to social nudism. Never fear, the Nomadic Nudists have the answers! So let’s begin with these Frequently Asked Questions.
Q. I know this sounds silly, but what do I wear the first time to a nudist resort?
A. That’s not silly. You know what’s silly? Those balloon animal hats that drunk adults wear at the state fair. Or elaborate, gender reveal parties.

No, not silly at all, and in fact very important. That’s because dressing for social nudism is so much more than bringing matching towels and beach bag. First, let’s talk about footwear.
At the pool, we’ve seen women wear high heels and men wear loafers with green dress socks. You don’ …

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