Resolutions for the Nude Year.

Advice people are always saying “Don’t make New Year’s resolutions. They’ll be unrealistic. You’ll get discouraged. You’ll fall into despair and have twice as many resolutions the next New Year’s Eve. Blah, blah, blah.”
I disagree. I think New Year’s resolutions are great. They allow you to forgive yourself, change your ways and recharge.
For example, say you got loaded at the office Holiday party and pinched your boss’ butt while yelling “I have polenta in my underwear!” New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reflect upon your life and proclaim “Next year, I’m going to change. Next year, I won’t drink at the Holiday party. If I find a job by then.”

New Year’s resolutions that are achievable.
The key is to make New Year’s resolutions that are doable. Like instead of saying “I’m going to go on a diet,” say “I’m going to stop stepping on the scale.” Or, on the personal development front, instead of saying “I’m going to learn Mandarin,” say “I’m going to use Google Translate.”
So, I thought long and hard for a minute about how I …

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