Midnight bath

It is astonishing me how easy it seems to be to get random strangers to get their kit off. Within minutes of meeting people, we are naked together! This is fantastic! I’m not talking about drunken, desperate exchanges in a club that lead to forgettable sex, hangovers and regrets. I’m talking about broad daylight, sober, non-sexual nudity that leads to joy, smiles, and great stories. Over the years I’ve had my fair share of drunken nights, soar heads and regrets. I’m no angel and I’m not looking down on anyone else that isn’t. But this is a very different kind of nudity and experience. This new path I’m on (this campaign I seem to have started to get everyone around me naked in nature) has brought with it a whole new perspective for me. The more people who join me and the more people I talk to about it, the more I see how this can really be life changing.
To some of you out there that may sound ludicrous. How can going for a skinny dip change your life?
Honest to god: it has changed mine!!
For anyone who has suffered with …

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