1st day of the rest of my life?

Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life. I am boarding a plane back to New Zealand, (where I recently spent 3 years working, road tripping, hiking and skiing). But, after a summer back home in England, I now return with a new mission and a sense of purpose.
My mission now: to make New Zealand’s first skinny dipping guide book!!
A free-spirited, nature-worshiping, nudity-loving book of secret skinny-dipping spots. That will encourage people to step out of their clothes and through the wardrobe into a Narnia of carefreeness and liberation. It will be a book of beaches, lakes, rivers and waterfalls with zero crowds and no entrance fees. A book that will lead free spirits away from the overcrowded tourist attractions to find their own little slice of paradise in New Zealand’s wondrous landscape. New Zealand is chokka block with incredible swimming spots with absolutely no-one visiting them! The perfect place for free spirits to frolic naked without a care in the world. It will not be a book about nudist beaches or well-known swimming holes. It will be a book of the hidden nooks and crannies where nature lovers can find peace and …

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