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  • Winterizing Nudism
    by lasthouseob1 on 17 March , 2023 at 05:20

    It’s cold out there. What do I do? Well, the most effective solution might be to move to where it is warm, become a snowbird, or take a vacation. This isn’t an option for many. There are family considerations, work, goals, sense of home, or milder summer days. So here we are. I live in

  • Windy Point
    by lasthouseob1 on 10 March , 2023 at 01:37

    2022-09-24 Part 14 of the Georgia and Back Series We have found on the internet, a privately owned camp on Lake Travis, one mile from Hippie Hollow. The other public camps are closed. One is in construction, being remodeled.  If off season, there might be a private site on the lake, where we could be

  • Hippie Hollow
    by lasthouseob1 on 2 March , 2023 at 02:57

    2022-09-23 We have left Safebare to some family business. We’re heading northwest on the Interstate toward Austin Texas. The plan is to stay a couple of weekend days at Star Ranch. The intranet tells us that it is their 65th year celebration, so we’re expecting quite a party. When we call to reserve, we are

  • Somerville
    by lasthouseob1 on 22 February , 2023 at 21:25

    2022-09-22 We’re at Safebare’s home in NW Houston after a morning walk. I’m conveniently nude all over, out front in Safebare’s driveway, organizing the car, gathering what I’ll need today. I hear Safebare making noise with something metal out back, where I had heard his big pickup truck earlier. Looking through the gate, I see

  • A Couple of Bumps in the Road
    by lasthouseob1 on 17 February , 2023 at 00:53

    The Tucson Gem and mineral Show has been in town for the last three weeks, I have had continuous renters staying here and decided to work at the show for extra money to get me further down the road, when the warmer seasons return. I ended this busy time by getting the hernia operation that


A lifelong Naturist moved to the tropics in NE Australia to be able to enjoy his preferred lifestyle 24/7. International campaigner for the famous naturist beach Buchan's Point, 25km north of Cairns in the 1980s and 90s and founding secretary of the Barrier Reef Sun Club. Editor continues to campaign for the lifestyle and believes that Naturists have unique and great opportunity to positively affect the discussion and even politics in their area.

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