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  • Nude Across America Pt.17: Lake Willoughby
    by lasthouseob1 on 14 January , 2022 at 18:48

    2021-06-29 We know that Lake Willoughby’s free beach is on the south side of the lake. It isn’t difficult to find they say. We drive past, we drive back. We ask a guy by the side of the road, “Where’s the nude beach? “ “You’re here.” His further directions are “Keep to the left, of

  • Nude Across America Pt.16: Lake Champlain
    by lasthouseob1 on 11 January , 2022 at 06:49

    2021-06-28   Leaving Coventry Resort: Morning:  We’re packing out, filling the little civic. Before people get up and around, we manage to grab a few pics to document our stay. It is peaceful in the morning light. No ripples and no voices, but for the call of that loon. We walk the running track for

  • Naked Across America: Coventry Resort
    by lasthouseob1 on 30 December , 2021 at 07:38

    2021-06-25 At the old airport campground, we’re up early to clear out. Barking dogs, loud generators, flies and mosquito attacks have us making record short time packing up. It will be a long drive, up most of the length of Vermont, today. State Route #7 goes slow through little towns filled with charm. It will

  • On Walking Alone
    by lasthouseob1 on 27 December , 2021 at 09:16

    I got an unusual comment on Sycamore Canyon post, today. Someone thought walking alone there, to be boring. It consequently occurred to me, that I have been writing few stories of solitude, or lone nude walks.  During the continuing “Nude Across America” trip, DF and I were glued together nearly 24/7 in a little Honda

  • Nude Across America:The Ledges in Sunshine
    by lasthouseob1 on 25 December , 2021 at 05:59

    2021-06-23 We’re on our road trip across America. It’s sort of a naked version of “Easy Rider,” but in a Honda Civic and okay, not in the Deep South. We’ve been heading north and now find ourselves in New England, in the heart of Vermont.   R&R: We need some down time. This whole vacation


A lifelong Naturist moved to the tropics in NE Australia to be able to enjoy his preferred lifestyle 24/7. International campaigner for the famous naturist beach Buchan's Point, 25km north of Cairns in the 1980s and 90s and founding secretary of the Barrier Reef Sun Club. Editor continues to campaign for the lifestyle and believes that Naturists have unique and great opportunity to positively affect the discussion and even politics in their area.

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