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  • Up the Newer Miller Canyon Trail
    by lasthouseob1 on 10 May , 2021 at 07:34

    2020-05-18 We are in in a gorgeous spot, where quiet harmony is seasoned with the call of the various birds. The first morning’s pastel light has made its way through the silhouettes of the canopy of tall majestic pines, which dwarf all of us below. Splotches of golden clear light paste a glow to each

  • Miller Canyon Base Camp
    by lasthouseob1 on 29 April , 2021 at 04:35

    2020-05-17   I’d heard the watch go off this morning at seven. Who cares…  …It is still early this morning. I’m startled by the weighty step of somebody big, just outside of the tent. We focus to identify the sound of whoever is tussling the leaves. He’s walking on two legs around our tent. I

  • Heard at the beach and by the pool…
    by lasthouseob1 on 25 April , 2021 at 00:35

    “So I’m at the beach with this log of sand stuck in the crotch of my swimsuit. How am I gonna get it out without looking weird?” “I don’t know, but the way you’re walking sure looks weird.” “I almost lost my suit in that last wave.” “I know, I saw you trip and fall

  • In Homage, Rocks:
    by lasthouseob1 on 16 April , 2021 at 07:19

       2021-03-29 We’re heading down south to gather some rocks and enjoy our naturism along the way. We love rocks.  They give us so much in a practical world and even delineate our paths guiding us along many a trail. With every excursion into nature, we are compelled to collect a few “special” rocks. The

  • Ida Canyon
    by lasthouseob1 on 28 March , 2021 at 09:20

    2020-05-16 We both slept well. We’re waking to birds, treetop branch shadows, turkey gobbles. It’s a wonderful temperature, when we stand in the sun. We drop off our bedclothes here and there. The cold of the night is disappearing steadily. I free my pants, then the down jacket. DF has a similar wardrobe distribution and



A lifelong Naturist moved to the tropics in NE Australia to be able to enjoy his preferred lifestyle 24/7. International campaigner for the famous naturist beach Buchan's Point, 25km north of Cairns in the 1980s and 90s and founding secretary of the Barrier Reef Sun Club. Editor continues to campaign for the lifestyle and believes that Naturists have unique and great opportunity to positively affect the discussion and even politics in their area.

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