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  • Cibola New Mexico Pt.I
    by lasthouseob1 on 27 November , 2022 at 07:37

    2022-08-30 To Georgia and Back Series: Part 1 Day #1 August is ending, as we are setting out. DF’s mother is turning over the 100 years mark in her life. There will be a grand gathering of the family in Georgia. We have decided to take the trip out on the road. It will be

  • A Stroll on a Beach
    by lasthouseob1 on 19 November , 2022 at 04:48

    The ocean does have that expansive view that goes somewhere out toward infinity. It  accompanies any stroll on a beach. When there is access along a beach as far as my feet might take me, that expansive sense is moved ashore. I remember that in Mexico, strolling along the coast of the Gulf of California.

  • Body Repression  from a Naked Pulpit
    by lasthouseob1 on 12 November , 2022 at 18:29

    It’s just a body. Relax. Take some time to explore being completely naked and with others. It feels really good. No fear here. You will probably come to thoughts like, “Yup, I’ve got one of those, too.” “Oh, that’s interesting.” It is life, a matter of fact, natural, but…. The rules and life in America,

  • Birthday Walk
    by lasthouseob1 on 30 October , 2022 at 08:37

    2022-05-10 Tucson It is a Birthday. It begins casually, leading to a brunch on a sidewalk café in an eastside strip mall. The food is good, but all of the hanging plants and wrought iron won’t escape the fact that we’re eating in their big parking lot. Afterward, I use a door panel and the

  • In the Quiet of the Evening, Water
    by lasthouseob1 on 22 October , 2022 at 21:12

    2022-10-08 The pool of water feels perfect for me, as I swim about, lighted by a full moon in a clear sky. The bottom of the pond is dark with algae, no longer reflecting a turquoise sky. My skin reflects the moon’s glow, that lunar white, in contrast. My nude body is sharply exposed in


A lifelong Naturist moved to the tropics in NE Australia to be able to enjoy his preferred lifestyle 24/7. International campaigner for the famous naturist beach Buchan's Point, 25km north of Cairns in the 1980s and 90s and founding secretary of the Barrier Reef Sun Club. Editor continues to campaign for the lifestyle and believes that Naturists have unique and great opportunity to positively affect the discussion and even politics in their area.

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