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The web site for all Naturist Eco-, Social- and Political- Activists

Recent happenings

A serious security issue with the content management software we previously used forced our hosting provider to take the web site down. Whoosh… all gone…

That provided me with the incentive to start afresh using much more modern and capable WordPress software. A fresh, colourful start that will attract top notch contributors from the Naturist Universe, I am sure.

But… There is always a ‘but’ of course: You will not be able to ‘just’ sign up for an account on this web site.  Instead, our Editor will accept email from interested parties that includes a sample of a proposed post, a verifiable  naturist curriculum vitae  and a naturist declaration of interests.

Now this all sounds a bit highbrow and official but is simply designed to keep the naturist underbelly riff-raff out. Most serious applicants will be welcomed with open arms and a hug. Let us hear about your interests soon. Write to editor at econudes.org and get the ball rolling.

Advertising, censorship, content rating, chat and trackers

Advertising: This is a visitor supported web site so there is NO advertising on the site whatsoever. Of course you may write a review about a/your naturist facility (and keep it up to date) with lots of nice images, but that is as far as advertising and commercial promotion on this site will go. Paypal donations to help keep this site on line will be gratefully accepted by Editor.

Censorship is for the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter to play with. On this site your content is safe provided it is demonstrably naturist content. Anything else may be removed and your account could be cancelled if you do not heed the warnings.

Content Rating:  Again, all genuine naturist content is welcomed and any serious promoter of the lifestyle will know exactly what that means. This site is ‘G’ rated for all intent and purposes.

Chat: In our experience most Naturist chat boards soon turn into unsafe places, especially for females, and the noise-to-signal ratio tends to be so high that chat soon becomes an absolute waste of time.

Of course we encourage that you comment on posts  that stir your interest but the ground rule would have to be that you strictly stay on topic, that is the topic of the post you are commenting on. But don’t worry, your comments are moderated, again to keep the riff-raff out but also to help everyone stay on course. Everyone will be able to comment and there is no need to register for an account. Our sophisticated and automatic spam filters will help greatly with the moderation tasks.

Trackers are nasty little (third party) cookies that are placed on your computer by nefarious organisations like Facebook and Google to track your activities around the internet and build an extensive personal profile. It is said that Facebook knows you even better that you know yourself.

On this web site we are careful and absolutely committed to keeping those tracking cookies well away from our visitors. We will not enable functions and/or install plugins that incorporate such tracking devices. We cannot guarantee however that pages and posts with external links to follow the same policy.

So to perfectly protect your privacy and stay safe we recommend that you use the privacy focussed web browser crafted by Cliqz  and install the Ghosterly extension and give Facebook, Google and other Internet criminals the finger. Cliqz and Ghosterly extensions are available for a number of other browsers like Firefox and Chrome so you can stay on familiar ground even while you protect yourself from the vagaries of the Internet.

Do let us know immediately when you encounter a third party tracker cookie on our web site so that we remove the offending script from the page. Thank you. Of course we cannot take responsibility for third party web sites linked from any of the posts here.

Where to from here?

Apart from regularly publishing selected Naturist lifestyle-, Naturist political- and Naturist environmental- posts and commentary, we will be actively promoting the web site through social media and you are invited to do the same. The more the better.

We’ll see you soon,

— Webmaster



About Econudes.org

Econudes.org is not just another Naturist/Nudist web site. Econudes is a web site for activists and unashamedly aimed at:

  • Naturist Eco Activists

  • Naturist Social Activists

  • Naturist Political Activists

Because of worldwide climate change and the effects this has on our environment, Eco Activism is of special interests to Naturists. This is the place to discuss environmental issues from a Naturist perspective. Use hashtag #Eco

While there appears to be ever increasing social chaos around the world, Naturist Social Activists discuss those issues right here. Use hashtag #Social

With politics apparently in turmoil at every level, Geopolitical, National politics and even local politics, we believe Naturists have a unique opportunity to play a significant role in shaping our political and democratic future. Use hashtag #Political

Our Editor will, as time permits, set the ball rolling on all these issues and take a continuing vital interest. We would like to think that all those Naturists who join in the discussion will do so in a civilised, respectful and constructive manner. Always remember that we are here to discuss issues, not personalities.

We look forward to your posts, comments and replies with anticipation and with great interest.


  • Everyone can join in the discussion. There is NO need to sign up for an account. All comments and replies to comments are however moderated.
  • Our web site software immediately sends a message to the moderator when a comment/reply is posted, so delays in publishing will mostly be minimal.
  • Sophisticated Anti-Spam software is further expected to keep spam to this site to an absolute minimum. The occasional spam that does get through will soon be deleted by the moderator.

Thank you for your interest,

— Barefoot Warrior, Editor



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— Barefoot Warrior