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Hendrik van der Merwe (Zendrik)
Zendrik has over 30 years experience as a healer, bodywork therapist and yogi. He started his formal training in Buddhist philosophy and meditation and hatha yoga at the age of 21. He was trained as a Sivananda Yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 16 years. He studied with two Zen Masters and received transmissions from Namkai Norbu, a Tibetan Lama of the Dzogchen school. His work is heavily influenced by Advaita Vedanta and the teachings of Nisargadatta as well as A Course in Miracles.

He is the founder of the Ananda Healing Center in San Marcos Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where he teaches courses in Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage), Reiki and Esoteric Healing. He also offers cathartic breath-work and tantric healing seminars at his center.

Zendrik is an integrative practitioner, combining various disciplines, techniques and modalities to approach healing and personal growth in a holistic way. His yoga classes are very much focused on the harmony of the inner and outer asana. His work as a healer is predominantly focused on releasing emotional and mental energy blockages and old cellular memories for deep lasting healing and spiritual growth.

Zendrik is also a musician, sound healer, DJ and sculptor. Singing, dancing, making music and art, and being naked in nature is all a part of his yoga, meditation and spiritual practice.

"My family were always comfortably nude at home or camping, and we were introduced to Sandy Bay, the world famous nudist beach in Cape Town by my uncle when I was still a kid. This has always been my favorite place on earth. I love nothing more than walking and swimming and doing yoga in the nude in nature!"



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