Australian Nudists: 10,000 Strong

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Full story: Nudist Day - Australian Nudists: 10,000 Strong

Australia is a large but sparsely populated country, a continent really, that has a vibrant nudist community spread across its width and breadth. Lindsay Parkins, President of the Australian Nudist Federation (ANF), estimates there are ten thousand registered nudists in the country, with a 60 to 40 male to female ratio. According to Parkins, there are currently 52 clubs and hotels affiliated with the ANF, of which six joined in just the last year.

As for nudist beaches, a quick count shows there's twenty-two nationwide. The breakdown, by state: Queensland and Tasmania have no legal nude beaches, but tiny landlocked Capital Territory (aka Canberra) has one! New South Wales, the most populated state, has three legal beaches just in the Sydney area and five in the rest of the territory. Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia each have four legal beaches, while the Northern Territory has one. Despite the vastness of the land, there doesn't seem to be enough beach front to satisfy developers, as Parkins explains: "Currently we are fighting to maintain the current free beaches that we have. Many Councils are trying to make these beaches clothed beaches due to pressure from developers".

We also asked Parkins about Australian law versus public nudity: "Laws on public nudity vary from State to State however it is not readily accepted. In most cases you will be arrested if nude in public and reported to the police". Australia also has very stringent regulations pertaining to children and nudity, Parkins points-out, but the ANF does have a youth wing, the YNOA. The latter currently only has activities for children during the annual convention.

Among the ANF's goals, Parkins told us, is to increase membership: "We have a lot of nudist groups, resorts, etc., that are not part of the ANF so we have appointed an officer (volunteer) to develop an approach that will encourage them to join our Federation". One other plan is to publish a nudist travel guide for the country, similar to that produced by the AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) in the USA.

Full story: Nudist Day - Australian Nudists: 10,000 Strong

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