whats wrong with men who are all alone

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 24/10/2010 - 18:55

I have moved to Nelson bay from North Qld ( were you have to hide ) to be free I have been to Samari beach were there seams to be two areas one end for the familys and couples and the other for man the only problem with the male end it seams to be for gays every time i go I get hit on ( also the odd weird O that stands on the hills (playing with him self ) this is not what being a nalie is all about no wonder if you are by yourself you get looked at as a weirdo maybe if there was a club in this area the bad ones could be weeded out and people that are only looking for freindship may meet people with the same interstes I dont like my chanches of get any reply but you never know lol

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men all alone

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 26/11/2011 - 22:23.

Nothing wrong with men all alone provided they behave properly. What is wrong is your spelling , which is terrible . Weren't you listening in school ?

Re: your spelling , which is terrible

Submitted by Webmaster on Wed, 07/12/2011 - 08:25.

Please limit yourself to commenting on the ISSUES presented by the poster.

By making a nonsensical comment about "men all alone provided they behave properly" you have shown that you know NOTHING about the issue raised here.

But by then reflecting on the poster because of her spelling is downright small minded arrogance. Not everyone has had the opportunities and talents that you (so obviously) have had (and not understood anything about).

Know one thing for sure dear anonymous 'spelling master', your condescending attitudes are not welcome here.

Judgement Chris UK

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 30/11/2011 - 20:13.

You havn't quite got the hang of it. We don,t judge-period. We cannot blame others for judging us if we ourselves pick and choose to judge the foibles of others. Whatever; I expect you are young-wish I was.
There was a time in my time when two men sharing were just two friends and an old man talking to a child was just a friendly old man.
I guess we have built our own world.

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re: whats wrong with men who are all alone

Submitted by Kerry on Mon, 20/06/2011 - 19:01.

You have just pretty much described the plight of most solo male nudist/naturist in the world and I can't foresee any change in the near future, until we as a species learn to accept ourselves as we are we'll remain as we are ignorant and judgmental even among the nudist/naturist community.
To answer your question there nothing wrong with men that are all alone......the problem lies with those that would pass judgement.

P.S.: I know this is a little late but I hope the person that wrote it is still checks in periodically.

The world is best enjoyed with an open mind, clear eyes, and a nude body.

Single male(non-gay)friendly nude beach area

Submitted by BarneyBare (not verified) on Thu, 09/06/2011 - 08:28.

Completely agree. If you go into the "family/group" area people stare and make you feel uncomfortable because they think you are looking at them & the children.

A few years ago my girlfriend and I went to Larson's Beach on Kauai, Hawaii. It's about 2 miles of pristine white sand beach that has "anyone" area and a bit north is the gay area. Well, we went "near" the gay area to find a bit of shade nearby and for the 4 hours we where there an overweight guy kept staring at me every time I moved, went into the water, etc. My GF noticed it first and said, " I think that guy is checking you out".

Finally, he decides to leave and walks right between us - we where maybe 10 ft. apart(I was in the shady area), and stared at me the whole way through. I wanted to whack him in the head with a palm branch; JERK!


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