Live a Naked Lifestyle

There are many sound ecological arguments in favour of a naked lifestyle.

For example, the whole manufacturing process even of the humble T-shirt spews large quantities of carbon into the atmosphere from the poisoned cotton fields of Turkey to the brightly lit T-shirt shop in a shopping centre surrounded by acres of asphalt covered car parks.

And at that point you don't even own the darn thing as yet. Maybe you don't want to know indeed.

But then once you have added the humble T-shirt to your wardrobe it gets even worse; you need to invest in washing machines, dryers, polluting detergents and a continuing struggle against the body odour causing bacteria that just love to live in such nice natural cotton.

In the final analysis it appears that the humble t-shirt does not stack up so well in the global warming mitigation stakes. We won't even begin to ask about the rest of your wardrobe.

So, take it off and let it go...

Help inspire others to take the step and share your stories about how you managed to live a more naked lifestyle more of the time.

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Naked Living

Submitted by John (not verified) on Wed, 07/07/2010 - 20:41.

I've hated wearing clothes since childhood. Now I only wear clothes when I have to go out shopping, etc. Never clothes at home, even when someone comes over. It's my home and it's a naked home. Total comfort and freedom.

Naked Living, us too!

Submitted by Maria (not verified) on Fri, 09/07/2010 - 09:19.

We have started doing this also, Almost always nude when home, and nude when certain friends are there, even though they may not participate. I am not comfortable being bare with all comers, though. Some people just creep me out and I want my clothes on.

It has been an eye-opening summer so far, and very comfortable. For one thing, my laundry has been cut so far that we are selling our washer and dryer. Trips into town have gone way down, because we do not want to get dressed. A tree has been planted in a strategic spot. All this is good for my little corner of the world, and I have the feeling that more changes are to come. What an adventure!

Naked living

Submitted by Adrian (not verified) on Wed, 14/11/2012 - 08:19.

Yes, my girlfriend and I have been living clothes free in our house for about a year. Heating bills are up slightly but otherwise time is saved with washing and ironing, choosing and buying clothes. We're naked when friends come round, luckily most of them know us well and are OK with it. We're naked for the pizza deliveries or the post man - they probably like it when Iva answers the door ! Sadly I have to dress for work but I am looking to see if I can set up a business from home or work in a naturist friendly environment.


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