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A billboard for bodycare brand Ecoya, which features a naked woman straddling a horse, has been blocked from running on outdoor sites in Australia.

The Outdoor Media Association deemed that the ad – which was permitted to run in New Zealand – breached its code of ethics and did not treat sex and nudity with due sensitivity, and would be seen by children as well as its target audience of adult women.

The image is running on Ecoya’s website, with a number of others of naked women with animals. Ecoya’s New Zealand-based chairman Geoff Ross said he had also tried to run an image of a woman posing with an owl on Australian billboards. But that was also refused by the OMA.

San Francisco nudity

Submitted by Madeleine on Thu, 15/09/2011 - 17:09

On Puur op reis we posted a newsitem about San Francsico nudity. If there is an update on the subject, please let uw know.
You can find the article on
Of course: just run Google translator to be able to read in in English or any other language.

British Naturism Nudefest 2011

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By Jan and Rog at the

British Naturism

British Naturism logo

British Naturism is now organising Nudefest2011.

This follows the tremendous successes of Nudefest over the past four years and is to take place, this year for a whole week, between Sunday 12th and Sunday 19th June this summer!

Tunick: Nudity is an explosion of life

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By Viva Sarah Press
May 11, 2011

American art photographer Spencer Tunick is fully aware of the brewing controversy surrounding his project at the Dead Sea. But the photographer known around the world for taking pictures of large groups of nude figures at popular locations has no plans of not going through with the installation.

"It's about promoting the body as an art form, not as a pornographic entity," Tunick told Israeli media at a May 11 Tel Aviv press conference. "I know that the separation is sometimes difficult for people but there has to be separation."

Hi everybody,
Although originally in Dutch, please take a look at if you are interested in articles and news about naturisme, wellness and eco. The online magazines of Puur op reis can be translated with Google translator. You can also contact us if you have news or information about naturism, wellness and eco.
Hope to see you soon!

Hello*Ola from Portugal

Submitted by bionat on Tue, 03/08/2010 - 08:15
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Dear all
I am naturist more than 20 years! I edit an environmental blog, since 2004
During my life and net experience, i made a naturist dossier, very usefull.
Pls check here

My blog is mainly in portuguese, however i have many flags to get a quite impressive translator in your langauge.

Greetings from Portugal!

Submitted by bionat on Mon, 02/08/2010 - 23:21
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I´m Joao Soares, 44 y old teacher of Biology, MSc in Applied Ecology, naturist and edit an environmental blog since 2004 BioTerra
You also can found a dossier i made about this theme. Pls follow this link
Best regards (from Portugal)
P.S. Your site is there:)

What we can do

Submitted by Gerry on Thu, 08/07/2010 - 20:41

I believe naturists can make a contribution to the fight to preserve the ecology of our planet. We will never convince the mainstream to join us in nudity, there are too many prejudices. But, we can call attention to destructive practices and in doing so, in time, bring about changes. One we can look at immediately, is the toxic chemicals absorbed by the skin from clothing. Cotton may be the largest source of dioxins found in the human blood stream. Polyester, a petroleum product, has reproductive side effects. There are many issues like this that we can actively work on.

About me

Submitted by rainbownudist on Fri, 19/03/2010 - 13:51
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I have been a nudist all my life. I enjoyed being nude as a child, although I was made to feel guilty about it (tut! tut!). In my early 20s, I discovered a nudist spot on the banks of the Yarra River, outside Melbourne (Australia), and started going nude there (generally alone). I enjoyed sunbaking, swimming, and floating down the river on an inflatable mattress (all nude of course). I also discovered a nudist beach, so spent my summer vacations either at the beach or by the river.


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