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Submitted by Den and Cat on Tue, 02/10/2012 - 20:01

Den and I became nudists almost by accident! In 2009 I lost my rental (it was sold) and decided to move into a campervan I had recently purchased (second - hand) I moved into the Donnybrook caravan park, and while Denz was visiting me one afternoon, we drove past Pacific Sun Friends. We turned to each other and said "Shall we give it a go" The rest is, as they say, History!
When we went into the park we did not know the protocol for nudists and walked around for the first hour fully clothed, but when we met the other nudists there, they looked so cool and comfortable! It impressed me that nobody seemed to notice that I was fully clothed and they were all naked. After an hour, I really felt envious of these free spirited people, and got naked as well.
The adult way of looking at life really impressed me!
I stayed at Pacific Sun Friends for seven months, and only moved out because my furniture needed to come out of storage.I have never regretted living at PSF, and Denz and I often go to nearby secluded spots in order to 'get naked'

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Submitted by cokebottle on Wed, 03/10/2012 - 10:57.

Lately I have been hearing stories like yours, a new friend/newcomer to Naturism told me yesterday about his wife chatting to a female neighbour & she told her she was planning to put up some screening plants along the fence as "hubby likes to get naked in the backyard LOL"
Well the neighbour instead of being offended replied "well it's funny you should say that, we've been thinking of trying out the nude lifestyle..."
My mate has lived next to these people for about 14 years & know them really well, they never suspected a thing, now it has encouraged his wife to try nudism more, as previously she was somewhat reluctant to disrobe.
I am really encouraged by hearing positive stories like yours & my mates... I am predicting that with the warm weather coming we will see a surge in nudity, I call it the "nude renaissance" ;)


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