Nude, young, not ashamed

Submitted by Nude Suit on Tue, 17/12/2013 - 05:44
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Well, my fellow fabric-shunning nature friends,

I am of the younger "digital native" generation. Yet this is my first ever blog post....

Why? Because I have a passion and a deep concern about something I adore, which seems to be increasingly shunned by mainstream society. Nudism/naturism/whatever you want to call the act of enjoying nature (often public) undressed, without fear of persecution.
This public opinion in itself doesn't bother me so much; but the stigma of the "shadier elements" of public nudity jeopardises my favourite thing about my city - north swanbourne beach.

The second I dropped my clothes on that white sand - 5 years ago, at the age of 24 - I instantly accepted my body for what it was; just my body!
Insecurities about my penis or body shape vanished there and then (never to return) and - unlike textile beaches, my fair complexion didn't embarrass me.

I'm far more self conscious with shorts on. Not sure why; but it really changed everything. I have not swum in clothes since that day, I'd rather walk or 2a km on a textile beach and swim free.
As a sensual experience, it is among my favourites.
I must be very vigilant against sunburn, but have taken to "accessorising" by bare body. Scarves, hats, blankets, towels - as sun protection, not modesty.
It's fun!
The feeling of sunshine warming my sun-neglected reproductive organs is something so comforting, I feel sorry for textiles.

However, swanbourne isn't all good-willed, sexless sun worshippers, as I am told it was in the 70s and 80s.
While I am totally open to walking nude through the "gay section" - and don't begrudge a wandering eye or two, there is a much more deviant element lurking in the dunes behind the beach.
Some fully clothed, some nude - but most behaving like meerkats - heads popping up here and there to seek out some kind of sexual liaison, or voyeuristic kick.
As I say, I can handle being observed nude, but females I have taken to the beach with me tend to find these people intimidating; especially when they come and sit behind us and openly masturbate. This has happened more than once.

Now, I can only really access this single nude beach, as I have no car - and hanging out nude alone, while it is fun - i start to wonder if being a single guy makes me more like one of them; those that make women uncomfortable about coming to a clothing optional beach.

As well as this, my nudism is not something I can share with my friends.
The girlfriends I've talked into coming with me very often refuse to do so again, and most friends don't seem to consider socialising nude to be acceptable behaviour. Of course, I disagree.

So what can be done?
I would like to create something POSITIVE at this beach - that can be embraced by young and old (I respect the older crew immensely - but eventually the culture - and legality - of nude beaches may come under threat).

The freedom to spend a day at the beach without clothes - and without shame or fear of being "seen" by textiles, or caught (and treated like a pervert by police etc) is something people have fought so hard for in this country.

I'd happily swim nude at any beach, but our culture doesn't allow it.

Which brings me to my point.

Do any of the members of this forum have any suggestions on how a young guy can bring a bit of fun and non-sexual entertainment to these beach users?

I know that nearby Fremantle has a large culture of open-minded, body conscious young people - but I don't see many at swannie.

So far I have considered;
- busking nude (I'm a muso) - writing nude-themed songs...
- selling fruit/refreshments/beads/trinkets etc
- offering henna or body painting to other beach goers

Do any of these seem appropriate?
Would people be *opposed* to their peace being disturbed?

I would like to make nudist friends (rather than try to coerce existing friends) and find a reason to be part of a community that I feel somewhat under-represented in (somewhat bohemian, young straight male, not interested in the sexual side of nude recreation but happiest in the buff).

I respect swingers, and the various sexual lifestyles that overlap sometimes with nudism - but really, I just like to do what I am doing right now - taking it easy, completely nude.
With the existence of groups and clubs for the more sexually inclined public-nudie, I'm looking for ideas to make a positive switch of;
Body freedom
Body acceptance
Awareness of nature and
Gender equality
- that can see social nudism evolve into the 21st century.

I am inspired by progressive body freedom movements overseas ('naked vegan cooking blog' in the UK, and the success of the World Naked Bike Ride globally, and the "burning man" festival in the states.

But over here in SWELTERING Perth (I'd be nude tonight even if I wasn't a keen naturist) we seem to have a beach that is being taken over by creepy men who incessantly touch their penises and ogle other beach users, and people who either want nothing to do with this, or don't mind having sand in their swimwear.

This social problem (the deviance and the generational issue) is well documented, and frequently discussed - but I don't want to complain, I want to start something fun to shift attention away from the dune perverts.
Lead by example...if possible.

Maybe I could organise a (media manipulating) protest against tony abbott's choice of beach attire? I'd much rather see a man - any man - with his pants off than in those horribly unflattering speedos.
And the govt clearly needs to be more transparent...

Maybe a nude party to mark "Australia day" / "invasion day", where people can experience the physical sensation of pre-colonial Australia....nude...without the flag waving and binge drinking?

Or perhaps some kind of body painting festival?

Any other thoughts?

Essentially, I feel a huge love for a community that I struggle to find a niche in.
The pervert element must make me uneasy on some level, as I tend not to talk to people much on the beach. When I do, it's great...but all too rare.
Are their intentions pure?
Or are they suspicious of the young, untanned guy walking about so freely!?

It's tricky, because in my heart I'm a passionate nudist, but the contemporary view of nakedness (that prudish idea of this sexual deviant practice - or just embarrassing/funny) holds me back from getting too involved.

I'd love to see more diversity on the beach - men, women, young, old etc - not for voyeuristic purposes, but so we can all enjoy perth's best beach together without shame, fear or prejudice.

Any suggestions of discussion would be most appreciated!


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Stand strong

Submitted by Naktiv Hiker (not verified) on Wed, 18/12/2013 - 14:16.

I came across this site thanks to Michael promoting your post on his news page which he has linked to.

I can relate to a large amount of what you've written. The local nude bathing area in Canberra, Kambah Pool, has a shady reputation, which for a long time put me off going there. On the first few occasions I went, I was a little apprehensive as to what I might encounter. I am now visiting far more frequently, and still haven't witnessed anything untoward, so my opinion is improving by the day. Interestingly, whenever I make that comment, there is at least one person who notes that their visit wasn't so pleasant.

As it happens, I went for a swim there today for lunch, and struck up a nice conversation with an older guy down there. A first visiting nude beaches, which thus far have been a bit like visiting public changing rooms. Nobody says g'day or makes eye contact. Random people wander about in a somewhat mysterious way and you wonder what they might be up to. Especially people who are clothed. Like you, being naked among clothed people doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's their behaviour and motive that seems somewhat unclear.

Much like yourself NS, I would like to change the situation, and the reputation that the place has. I'd like to start a nude hiking group in Canberra, and see if I can't engage in positive ways with the visitors at Kambah.

As to your situation, I like the suggestion about using the phone. It's important to consider personal safety when something untoward is going on. No action at all isn't going to resolve the issue and I think Michael's article addressing the issue is extremely good at outlining why.


Nude Hiking Group in Canberra

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 02/12/2014 - 22:04.


I'd been very keen to join a naked hiking group in Canberra, and now is the time of year to do it. I often go down to Namadgi to hike naked, but usually end up doing it on my own as I can never find anyone to go with me. Let me know if you would like to go hiking some time. :-))


Nude Hiking Group in Canberra

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 30/11/2014 - 19:07.

Shane, I live in Canberra and love to go nude hiking in Namadgi National Park. However, I usually end up going alone as I can never find anyone to go with. If you'd like a nude hiking partner one day, or if you are still keen to get a naked hiking group started in Canberra please let me know. I'm also on True Nudists as Riverboy77. Wayne

Nude, young, not ashamed

Submitted by Hermann (not verified) on Wed, 18/12/2013 - 10:09.


Thank you for your most interesting post and I so can understand your feelings and concerns :)

We are a Perth based group of nudists of all ages, from teens onwards and some of us are members of our local nudist clubs such as Sunseekers or Bare Essentials. We occasionally go to Swanbourne and Warnbro free beaches and I'm sure we could be of help here.

Are you on FB by any chance or can you be contacted? Find me under Hermann Brenner

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Nude beach protection

Submitted by BillBowser on Wed, 18/12/2013 - 10:05.

As a newbie here I must admit that since I'm an American I don't know exactly how nude beaches are managed in Australia, but I did visit Australia last year. In the states we nudists are always fearful that those who aren't really interested in nudism will cause problems at our nude beaches by gawking, engaging in sexual activities, or some such thing. When these incidents are brought to the attention of the authorities they're reaction is to threaten to withdraw authorization for all nude activity at the beach. To avoid this unofficial groups of beach goers do what they can to police these beaches. The Beach Ambassadors on Haulover Beach, north of Miami Florida are an excellent example of how that works. Anyone who is there for reasons other to enjoy being nude on the beach is directed to leave or the authorities will be summoned. Bad behavior can not be tolerated.

Organize a beach protection group. Don't let the bad guys ruin it for everyone. When potential beach goers learn that undesirables are excluded they will be more willing to bring their families and enjoy a nude day on the beach.

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Submitted by cokebottle on Wed, 18/12/2013 - 15:45.

Hi, the Nudism scene here in Australia is nowhere as big as in the U.S & there is some in the lifestyle who are one eyed about Nudism saying things like "forget the beaches, go to a club where it's safe" which then leaves the beaches to the perverts... we also have some who say "Nah don't worry about the sex going on in the dunes, just dont look" or some who even say it's a load of bull because they have never witnessed the sex acts.

I can think of nothing worse than taking the wife & perhaps the kids to a legal nude beach & seeing people having sex on the sand etc, some have even said "sex is a natural act, kids will learn eventually"well going to the toilet is a natural act & I don't know of anyone (apart from someone with a fantasy) who would accept seeing that perfomed in public.

The trouble is we have legal nude beaches which were hard won by our predessors being abandoned or a blind eye turned to the sex going on... so we end up losing them :(


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Nude beaches

Submitted by cokebottle on Wed, 18/12/2013 - 09:33.

Hi from the East Coast!... I am in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney so I don't get to beaches very much, maybe once or twice a year so if I got there & a weirdo was wanking in the dunes it would really piss me off!

My wife & I had an encounter on a legal nude beach once with a fully clothed guy hovering around the dunes behind us stealing furtive glances down at us naked on the sand & he was creeping closer which was a bit un-nerving so I got a mobile phone out & while looking straight at him started to dial - he tripped over in his rush to escape, this proved to me that his intentions were not sincere.

Even though I don't get to legal nude beaches as much as I would like to I do in fact frequent secluded bush & river areas near my home/work which includes an area used by other nudey's... imagine my horror when I read in a local paper about this swimming hole being used by swingers & "gay cruisers” as a pickup/sex hot spot!... the article stated that it was Nudists & mentioned a couple of websites advocating public sex, I looked into these websites & uncovered a whole underground sex movement/pastime called "dogging"

I wrote an article about it as a call to action for those in the Nudism scene:

I commend you on your enthusiasm & hope you can find some people to join you, were you aware there is a nude Guinness World record attempt planned for Swanbourne?

In regards recruiting nudey's to your casue have you looked at the various groups on Facebook?... one I am a member of is Aussie Only Nudists!/groups/164387077087760

Anyway, feel free to contact me via my Facebook page below or by Twitter etc.


Michael Connolly

I'm with you man.

Submitted by Gary (not verified) on Fri, 20/12/2013 - 15:16.

Such a good article man. I came here from reddit! (

I'm 26, and on the east coast of australia.

Single straight male, just like you. Would be cool to hang out with you man!

I think selling fruit idea is the best haha.

If nothing else - the BEST thing is to just KEEP PRACTICING REAL NATURISM yourself, it's the only thing that will keep our spaces from being closed down if they see less and less people enjoying them nude as intended) and only pervs and devious activity being left.

Just USE the beach, try to maybe organise other events and meetups with real naturists, see what you can do to just make your contribution to the population of real naturists, which again, if nothing else, means just keep on doing it yourself. we're very precious, we young ones, to represent the next generation and keep the culture going so the spaces are not closed down forever.

But really I'm not an expert on ideas as I'm quite a new nudist :). But they're my thoughts anyway.

So stay at it! have you joined! I did recently, strongly recommend it! we need to stick together, we like-minded folk!

I agree that weirdly, nudism is an increasingly dying and taboo thing, in a simultaneously increasingly sexualised (and less religious) society. WHY ON EARTH this strange disparity?

It must be all the old pervs, sigh. The sooner they die out the better lol. Although I'm pretty sure I saw a middle-aged perv the other day. Gaa


I wanted to post this as an

Submitted by Gary (not verified) on Thu, 26/12/2013 - 08:42.

I wanted to post this as an encouragement as a follow-up - so many great ideas in this documentary by the young nudists followed by it!

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