Next Year's Bike Ride - your thoughts and ideas please. :-)

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 16/03/2007 - 12:00

I have decided to organise next year's bike ride for Brisbane, seeing as I have had so much fun doing this this year - and I'm delighted to see that the effort I went through paid off.  Some of you might be incredulous at this, but this is the best turnout for ANYTHING that I've planned since my 18th birthday!

Anyway, I would like to garner some thoughts and ideas for next year's bike ride from you lovely guys and girls.

1) Would you like the ride to be in a more contained environment (e.g. at a nudist/naturist club or resort) as opposed to a public urban setting?  

my answer: I don't know, since most Australian nudists I know don't support the WNBR, as well as a lot of nudist clubs and resorts having an anal attitude to single guys and being finicky about body modifications (e.g. tatts and piercings).

2) What is your opinion on happy snappers being there?  I spoke with Rebecca about the ride on Wednesday night, and she told me that her boyfriend picked out a fellow who was wearing a red shirt taking lots of photos and got a bad vibe from him, as did a few others.  I don't know who this fellow is she's referring to.  

my answer: I don't really mind.  The more publicity the better, and I don't mind the event being known for nudity as long as it is for artistic and social/spiritual purposes and not for cheap pornographic thrills.

3) Would you like to go fully nude at next year's one, or be dressed?  (This question specifically refers to those who stayed fully dressed for the ride).

My answer: Yes!

4) IF the police get wind of next year's ride and seek to arrest or fine anyone for riding nude, would you be prepared to pay a fine or settle the matter in court over our philosophy that the naked human body is not offensive or indecent?

My answer: I probably would.  I'd also like to see the ladies on here also do a demonstration to protest against the inequality of the exposure of chests in public (see my reference about the Topfree Equal Rights Association in a previous post).  

5) Would you like to participate in other public nude demonstrations (such as a beach day, nude-in, or a nude picnic) prior to next year's event so the public is warmed up a bit more to the event, and that we can get more participants?  

My answer: Definitely!

6) For those who had not gone nude or semi-nude in public before, has the bike ride helped changed any way that you look at the world, and look at yourself?

My answer: I think it's shown me that despite what some people like police and religious/political leaders might have us believe, most people do not find the human body an offensive thing.  It's also shown me that we don't essentially become better or worse people just because we take our clothes off in public.  

Your answers would be most appreciated.  :-)

Dario Western
(Moderator for World Naked Bike Ride Brisbane)


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Next Year's Bike Ride ...

Submitted by richinud on Tue, 15/04/2008 - 18:52.

1) No, take the message to the public.

2) We don't mind people taking a photo of us at the fairground eating ice-cream, so if we're really comfortable with our own nudity, people taking photos of us naked shouldn't bother us either. Let them take their photos, some of them might be quite good and interesting to take a look too. If a couple of people get a kick out of them, so what, that's their problem, not ours.

3) Naked, if I were there.

4) I've been fined for naked hiking in nature already. It's the price we pay for being pioneers.

5) The WNBR I took part in, in Munich, Germany, last year was great (photos on site). We had a film crew along too, which report was broadcast twice over the following weeks. It was great publicity.

6) N/A.



Supporting Naked Activities in Europe

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My answers... :-)

Submitted by Barefoot Warrior on Fri, 16/03/2007 - 12:28.

1. AFAIK, one of the stated aims of the World Naked Bike Ride is to protest oil and car dependency of our civilisation. We need to show where we stand (and ride) right there in the population centers of the world.

2. Happy snappers are welcome. Whenever people view a photo taken during a WNBR Event their awareness of the issues is enhanced. Seeing your photo may encourage them to participate next year too.

3. I shall be fully nude at next year's WNBR Event near me. I like my protests to be as effective as I can make it.

4. Yes. I would seek financial support to get the best barristers to clearly establish my right to be naked.

5. Tell me when and where and I shall be there...

6. I shall answer this question after I have participated in next year's ride.

Thank you for your questions Dario.

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