A naked dance journey through the seven shakras

Submitted by JoMulholland on Fri, 07/09/2007 - 13:52

djuanaYou've, no doubt, read it in TAN magazine, Issue 36: Djuana Moore, can take you on a journey....

Clean Beach Challenge

Submitted by Gerald Ganglbauer on Mon, 23/07/2007 - 10:44
Gerald Ganglbauer's picture

The Clean Beach Challenge is a fun competition, which aims to enhance beachside communities by promoting personal initiative, civic pride and environmental awareness. Through competition and awards, the program provides recognition to people who care for their community and coastal environment.

Greetings from Solar West

Submitted by Fulvio on Mon, 18/06/2007 - 19:23
Fulvio's picture

Nice to see the writeup in AS&H, so I figured we should pop over and lend a little support. Nice Blog, Jo.

For those who didn't know, Solar West is one of Melbourne's 3 nude swim clubs, and has been operating for 15 years, most of them at Footscray Pool, and this past year at teh new Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre. We have two websites, http://solarwest.org.au and our old one at http://members.optusnet.com.au/solarwest

Sun and Health

Submitted by JoMulholland on Fri, 08/06/2007 - 22:06

Number four, of the new version, of this naturist magazine is out and I took the opportunity to mention THIS blog, on page 15.
Do help spread the word. I am into bookcrossing.

World Naked Gardening Day 05-May-2007

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 27/04/2007 - 08:04

World Naked Gardening day, which is taking place on May 5 2007.
This will be your chance to get out in your garden & practice wholesome nudity with your partner/family or even by yourself, you will be amazed at how great it feels with the sun warming all of your body!

Saving a FEW trees

Submitted by JoMulholland on Sat, 07/04/2007 - 16:47

I am one of 544,431 people in the world who pass on books to others, for free.

O.K.. People will still want to read and sell books but it's a bit like being in that minority still, here, in my suburb, in south-western Sydney who bring along the cloth bags to the local supermarket.

Yes. Yes. Every bit helps.

Jo, Ozcloggie.

Sun and Health magazine and New from Nudist Day

Submitted by JoMulholland on Fri, 06/04/2007 - 23:55

I clicked on the News from Nudist Day link and read:

"Sun and Health uses the same name as a nudist magazine that ceased publishing more than three years ago. According to Scriven, the owner of the defunct magazine de-registered the business name in 2005.
Sun and Healtth

[green-activist] challenge

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 21/03/2007 - 13:05
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- by Boris Branwhite

not only is australia overpopulated if you take ecologically sustainable lifestyles as a yardstick -- but the whole planet is choking itself to death with unprecedented demands on its limited resources, bought upon it by the consumer and life/living demands of its burgeoning population -- i believe i have posted the following in one of the greens discussions previously -- but the message is the same -- we are treating this planet in a similar manner to how flies treat a dead rabbit --

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The story of the World Naked Bike Ride

A first look at a new movie about people, suspense, intrigue, love and potential environmental catastrophic collapse.

A movie about people, suspense, intrigue, love and potential environmental catastrophic collapse. Our group of highly entertaining movie makers has set upon a world wide mission to interview as many of the WNBR organizers as possible and uncover their personal motives and ambitions for world domination.

Next Year's Bike Ride - your thoughts and ideas please. :-)

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 16/03/2007 - 12:00

I have decided to organise next year's bike ride for Brisbane, seeing as I have had so much fun doing this this year - and I'm delighted to see that the effort I went through paid off.  Some of you might be incredulous at this, but this is the best turnout for ANYTHING that I've planned since my 18th birthday!

Anyway, I would like to garner some thoughts and ideas for next year's bike ride from you lovely guys and girls.

1) Would you like the ride to be in a more contained environment (e.g. at a nudist/naturist club or resort) as opposed to a public urban setting?  


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